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ROK Coaching has helped numerous athletes earn podiums and championships. Why not you?



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You Can Be Faster.

Coaching is the easiest, cheapest way to get faster. Think about it: People spend thousands all the time on great race wheels and lighter parts to save seconds. Then they spend a season plodding though inefficient workouts.



It Doesn’t Take Much.

Workouts are scientifically targeted to your body and your capability.  The training  is maximized so that you get better at a rate that works with your body. Consistent, measurable progress with time to let your body recover and come back stronger.

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“I’ve been working closely with Rob Kelley through TrainingBible Coaching for several years and have found him to be among the most knowledgeable and hard-working cycling coaches I have ever known. I highly recommend him.”

Joe Friel, co-founder on ROK Coaching



Professional Racers to the Time-Crunched Parent.

From aspiring Pro-Tour cyclists, to parents and busy professionals... even a NASCAR driver.Rok Coaching coaches anybody willing to to the best with whatever time they have.



National Team Experience.

Rob Kelley is a cycling coach to everybody from roadies to mountain bikers, velodrome specialists, to time trialsts, cyclocrossers to BMX racers.  He currently races a full schedule (Cat 1) on the road and cyclocross circuits. He has previously represented the United States at UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. Put that cycling experience to work for you.

Recreational cyclist to Pros.

  • All disciplines.
  • Personalized approach.
  • Training Bible Methodology.
  • Stop wasting time.

Get Faster